ARRIVE East Austin: Frequently Asked Questions

What’s that you’re building there?
ARRIVE East Austin will be a new 83-room hotel with two full-service restaurants and bars, a coffee shop and a retail store. Like all ARRIVE hotels, the property will cater to the local community, with restaurants, bars and shops that aim to make our neighbors into regulars. 

What used to be there?
There was an ugly one-story stucco office building and a fenced off parking lot. We also incorporated a 100-year-old dilapidated warehouse next door, which houses one of our two restaurants. 

Are you trying to ruin East Austin?
No, we’re trying to become a part of it. We get that this neighborhood is changing insanely fast and there’s a lot of churn and unease related to that.  But we also think there’s a way this can happen that’s better than others, and we want to be part of that. That’s why we designed this property to be a part of the community rather than a tourist destination. Sure, visitors will be staying there, but we want them to experience the neighborhood for what it is, and we can only do that if our neighbors are there. So our bar and restaurants will be the types of places you can drop by anytime – or all the time.

But isn’t the gentrification of East Austin a bad thing?
That’s a super complicated question, so for now, we’ll just say this: It’s a thing, that’s for sure. We welcome feedback, input, support and criticism from our neighbors any time, and we are happy to have a dialogue with anyone who wants to discuss what’s happening in the area and what we can do to be an upstanding citizen in the community.

What kind of restaurants and bars are you going to have?
We’ll share all those details shortly. But we can assure they’ll be awesome, casual spots that will have great foods, great drinks and great value. One restaurant will be located inside the main building, where the bar will double as the front desk of the hotel for guests checking in. The other will be an indoor/outdoor spot utilizing the remnants of a 100-year-old brick warehouse that was on the site and our outdoor mezzanine courtyard.

Did you say you check in to the hotel at a bar?
Yeah, that’s kind of our thing.

Do I get a free drink when I check in?
Yeah, you do.

 Really? I was joking.
Yeah, really. Why else would we put check-in at the bar [smiley]


So who are you guys again? What’s your deal?
We’re ARRIVE Hotels and Restaurants. We’re a hospitality development and management group based in Los Angeles that creates what we call “neighborhood hotels,” built around restaurants, bars, shops and public spaces catering to the local community. We think hotels should be a meeting ground for locals and travelers, so we build out spaces that make our neighbors feel welcome to eat, drink and hang out, which in turn makes them great places for visitors who truly want to experience the local flavor of the place they’re visiting. 

Our first hotel opened in Palm Springs in 2016. ARRIVE Wilmington will open later this year. ARRIVE Phoenix is on track to open in summer 2019, and that fall we’ll be opening up in Memphis. We have a few other projects in the early stages as well that would open in 2020 and 2021.

What are your rooms going to be like?
Our co-founder and designer Chris Pardo has laid out 83 comfortable rooms, several of which have outdoor balconies. Some rooms will connect for families or groups traveling together. All our rooms feature open floor plans with modern bathrooms and easy-to-use room tech to enhance your stay. 

Are you going to charge resort fee?
No, we think resort fees are deceptive and a terrible practice in our industry. We never charge resort fees at ARRIVE.

Does that mean your WiFi is free, too?
Yeah. Fast and free. Only dicks charge for WiFi.

Will you allow pets?
We allow well-behaved dogs. 

What about cats?
No cats. 

But he’s a well-behaved cat.
No, he’s not. No cats are. 

No, he’s really a sweetheart. 
No sense arguing with a cat person. 

What did you call me?
Nothing, just don’t bring your cat. 

/ angry cat-like stare / 
Mmm hmm 

Why does your building have slanted floors?
It doesn’t – that’s just a cool visual effect courtesy our amazing architect, Burton Baldridge.  We assure you that all the floors are the same inside and none of the rooms have five-foot ceilings.

Oh, yeah, like that movie, ummm….
Being John Malkovich?

Yeah, that’s the one.

Great movie.

Wasn’t that Andy Kaufman’s first movie?
I think you mean Charlie Kaufman.

Oh, right. Who’s Andy Kaufman?
That super weird comedian from the 70s and 80s who played the foreign guy on Taxi.

Oh, yeah, Jim Carrey played him.
Yeah. Man on the Moon was great too.


Sooooooo, what were we talking about?

Will you have events there?
We have a small conference room that opens up to a large courtyard on our mezzanine level. The room and the courtyard are available for small and medium-sized private events and meetings.

When are you going to open?
It’s looking like we’ll be open in the early parts of 2019.

So, like, January?
Probably more like February or March. [Edit: Turns out it’s gonna be more like July. Go figure.]

In time for SXSW?
Really hope so.

Can I make a booking now?
Not quite yet. We’ll put out a release when reservations are open. You can also sign up for announcements from us here.

Will you have parking?
Yeah, we’ve got an underground lot, and the building going up next door will have a lot of parking we’ll be using as well.

Well, what else do I need to know?
Drop us a line at with any questions, comments or feedback you’ve got.