We’ve been thinking a lot about decisions recently. From the moment we decide to build a hotel, it can take 2-4 years for it to finally come together. We make a whole range of decisions throughout that process that can take months to years to finally come to fruition. In the time between when we make the decision and the time it actually turns into reality, all kinds of things might change. Tastes change. An idea might not seem so brilliant anymore. Someone is already doing the same thing down the block. Reclaimed wood was so 2013.

The photo here is of ARRIVE East Austin, which we started working on 4 years ago. Everything you see in this photo was the result of a decision we made at least a year ago, many much longer. The facade, the windows, the poured-in-place concrete planter, the location, the logo, the name — it’s all been out of our hands for a while now. Now’s the time when we see it all come together. No blueprints or renderings can really show what’s it’s like when it becomes real. Sometimes it’s just like we expected. Sometimes there’s a beautiful new aspect of it that we never considered before. Sometimes we cringe (we thought that was cool in 2014?).

- How do you get comfortable making decisions that won’t see the light of day for years?
- Can you build in flexibility for changing circumstances and tastes?
- How do you make decisions that won’t make you cringe in 4 years?
- And if the goal is to avoid cringing, will you end up playing it too safe and feeling like everyone else?

We’ll spend some time looking into these issues in upcoming posts.